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The Lane County Food Policy Council – Background Information

A Food Policy Council an  advisory body that reviews and recommends policies to strengthen the local food economy and improve access to healthy and nutritious food.  Its members represent the diversity of stakeholders involved in the food system, including farmers, processors, retailers, anti-hunger organizations, nutritionists,  public servants and citizens.

The Food Policy Council Movement

Food Policy Councils are not a new concept. According to the Food Security Learning Center the first such organization was started in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1982. Since that time Food Policy Councils have been established in cities throughout North America and there are as many as 50 in the US. For a list of food policy councils across the nation, visit the community Food Security Coalition’s North American Food Policy Council webpage.

Food Policy Councils bring together stakeholders from a variety of food-related sectors. The structures of Food Policy Councils vary from one Council to another. They may be commissioned by a state or local government; independent non-profit organizations; associated with a related organization that acts as a fiscal sponsor; or a purely grassroots organization. Food Policy Councils are engaged in a variety of activities that are responsive to local issues and concerns. Examples include food system assessments, mapping local food resources, developing directories of food related organizations and advocating for food policies such as school wellness plans, land issues and agricultural issues and organizing community and school gardens and supporting  “buy local” initiatives.

For more information, click: Food Security Learning Center

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