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Best Electric Shavers Buying Guide

Posted on January 31, 2018 in Tips

Philips Norelco 1250x

The Philips Norelco 1250x comes in two different versions

  • 1250x/40
  • 1250x/42

Both versions have the Gryoflex 3d head shaving system and both are part of the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3d line.  They are both available in black only. Finding the good quality electric shavers in india is really a frustrating task, Because there are varities of different electric shavers available in the market.

Whichever model you choose, you will benefit from having the quick pop up trimmer to handle your side burns.

Customers have reported that the lithium ion battery in both the 1250x/40 and 1250x/42 holds its charge for between 17 and 21 days or about 50 – 60 minutes of shaving time.

On this model of the Philips Norelco SensoTouch shavers, you get 3 levels battery life indicator lights – full, half, low.

Another nice feature is that both the 1250x/40 and 1250x/42 have indicators when the shaving heads need to be cleaned and a different indicator when they need to be replaced.

Both models use the same replacement heads.  Purchase th RQ12 replacement head when the indicator light comes on.  If you want to be pro-active, I recommend getting replacement heads shortly after your initial purchase of the Philips Norelco 1250x so that when the light comes on you already have replacement heads on hand.

The Philips Norelco 1250x Difference

The difference between the 1250x/40 and the 1250x/42 is that the 42 uses the Jet Clean system.  The 42 model has one jet clean setting.

To use Jet Clean submerge shaving head in the Jet Clean solution.  You can use a Tupperware container to hold the solution.  Turn on the razor for 30 seconds while submerged.  Then shake off and let air dry.  Note:  Dont rinse the Jet Clean solution off as you will wash off lubricant that is part of the Jet Clean system.

Both models come with a soft travel pouch.  If you travel internationally, both the Philips Norelco 1250x/40 and the 1250x/42 models will work with 220 volt outlets as long as you have the appropriate international plug adapter.

Factors to consider before buying Electric shavers

Foil shaving technology has been around for almost a century now and is convenient and relatively versatile, though rotary shavers have foil shavers beat when it comes to their ability to adjust to contours. I can’t think of another time in the modern age where men have been so concerned with personal grooming. The electric shaver is the key grooming gadget for the men who take a great care to look attractive and immaculate. Foil shavers used to make it difficult to shave areas such as the chin and around the neck. Electric clippers with foil heads. They come with a gadget placed near their blades, which gives a cleaner shave by lifting the hair. When choosing check battery life and recharging times. In addition to this, the Arc5 shaving system pivots and tilts to the curves of your face; this provides an accurate, close shave. Simply put, foil heads don’t move very much, which means that you’ll have to angle your foil shaver a lot more than you would a rotary shaver. Not too long ago there wasn’t all that much variety in how chin fuzz was styled or looked after, but these days it seems that every person is now also their own personal barber. So for this generation of smart men who do not leave anything to chance, purchasing the best electric shaver is an important decision.

Though, with many advances over the years, many foil shavers are now flexible making it easier to get an all around quality shave. Give you a closer shave with less irritation (great for sensitive skin).    Are easier to clean than rotary blades. You can get dual or triple rotary heads to get a finer shave. Some boast a quick-charge function, which gives you the power for one fast shave if you forget to charge it. Similarly to the previous product, this unit has a cleaning and charging station that ensures that the device is free of loose hair and shaving gel when you use it next. Whether you desire smooth and clean-shaven or well-clipped, the right grooming equipment makes all the difference. Given how we like to take the path of least resistance in general, it’s no surprise that this also coincides with a resurgence in popularity of the electric razor. Among the countless and promising options available in electric shavers, you need to understand some vital points that differentiates the best shaver from an average. There are quite a bit of foil shavers on the market now that offer wet-dry shave features. Are available in single (for fine hair or slow beard growth), dual (for coarse growth and sensitive skin) and triple foil heads (for longer stubble or flat-lying hairs on the neck and under the lips).

Aren’t suitable for shaving long hair. The cons of getting rotary blade shavers are:    Cleaning them is comparatively harder. Mains-powered (corded) shavers tend to be low cost options. Finally, one of the most impressive features of this device is its digital display that tells you the exact battery level is. The following shaver and trimmer facts will help you choose the ideal tools for the job. They’re clean, convenient, and much safer than either a safety razor or a straight one. This buying checklist is applicable to all the models of modern day electric shavers that you can shop from either from online or physical stores. It is nice to have the flexibility to have a quick dry shave if you’re in a hurry, or wet shave for a smoother shave avoiding skin irritation. Rotary blades: Circular blades spin under a slotted head. Using them may be trickier, and they could pull your hair if you shave up and down. Be mindful of where your closest mains sockets are to your bathroom, as cords may not be very long. This is prominently displayed near the handle of the device. In addition to this, foil shavers also tend to be slightly noisier than rotary shavers, but the closeness of the shave is usually enough for some to prefer this type to rotaries. Not to mention that our skins stand up much better to a daily maintenance shave from an electric razor than they do with razor-burn inducing blades.

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