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Can deodorants be harmful – Lets separate myth from reality

Posted on April 28, 2017 in Health

Are deodorants safe has been a huge safety concern for thousands of people in the world. All those chemicals and nasty sweat build has to be bad for you right? No! Deodorants and antiperspirants cause almost no harm whatsoever! The deodorant will of course never harm you in anyway. When people say that antiperspirants cause the buildup of toxins and that aluminum is dangerous to even use for this type of product I just laugh at them.

The first thing is that we don’t excrete toxins from out sweat glands more so through the kidneys and liver, and also from our urine and feces. If what people said was true then folks living in colder regions would be at a huge disadvantage! Armpit sweat is only a tiny bit of total sweat that we lose from our skin each day. Most people don’t even notice the minute amounts of sweat from the rest of our bodies. Another argument people give is that Aluminum is a terrible toxin that causes cancer and can kill you.This is an absurd statement, 99% of these people are not even scientists and yet are making crazy claims like this. Aluminum is one of the most plentiful elements on earth, number three actually. It is found in our food and water naturally and is used in a huge number of medicines every single day.

The number of people claiming this is ridiculous; these people need to go read the huge mass of data that has been gathered that proves that there are no harmful effects from using any kind of cosmetic products that have traces of aluminum in them. Lastly the most ridiculous claim is that deodorants cause cancer. This is the stupidest bold statement I have ever seen. What kind of antiperspirant would cause cancer and still be out on the market. The natural deodorant is your choice whether it be Axe, Old Spice, or Colgate would not be out on shelves if it caused cancer. It is true that many cancer charities that mad false accusations that detract from the actual research factors or even shifting attention away from taking action on those factors that actually have a real risk of causing cancer.

There are even been huge improvements in the best deodorant for men area, a frafrance in which enclosed is a tiny spehere of corn starch which when broken releases a smell when it is saturated by sweat. These little spheres will release the smell right away but the bigger ones will break down more slowly. Even more new inventions have been made. Products that have been made just to reduce the white marks left under your arms. For example there is one product that has been made that effects the way that light is bounced off the skin so that there almost no visible white powder that you can see. Every day more and more helpful inventions and innovations are being made so that you can be great smelling and have a dry armpit by using the best deodorant.

Finding the best deodorant in India

Are you trying to find the best deodorant for men body? Something that will work perfectly for your needs. Maybe you’re a heavy sweater,  or maybe you just want to smell amazing. The right deodorant for men can help you fix all of these problems and more! The first thing you want to do is to choose the right deodorant type. You have lots of choices from stick on to spray on and even roll on. But watch out! If you have long armpit hair you might not want to use the roll on deodorant because it might get stuck in the ball. Ouch! If you like to be in and out of the shower or in the morning real quick then you want to get spray on.

This way you won’t have to wait for the deodorant to dry before heading out. There are lots of choices so make sure you pick the best that you believe is the best deodorant for men. The second step is to choose the scent of your deodorant. You want to make sure you don’t mix and match your perfume and cologne with your deodorant. So if you are a heavy user of other scented body products your will most likely want to go with an unscented deodorant. The only thing you need to make sure is that it is an antiperspirant, this way you know it will have the same effect as the normal kind.

The last thing to do is to pick the brand you are going with. There are lots and lots and LOTS of deodorant brands you can choose from, they vary from Axe, Old Spice, Colgate, and the list goes on and on. Some of the more popular brands are going to be the choices you want to go for. But sometimes you’ll have some allergies with some of the products so make sure you watch out and read the ingredients because the best deodorant for men may not be the right one for you! Axe is a very famous brand that his targeted towards the younger generation. Their appeal is that women will be attracted to you if you wear their deodorant.

The scent is supposed to be “irresistible” and that is a huge selling point for Axe. Men want to get women and Axe is providing a solution for them. Another very popular brand is Old Spice. Old Spice also claims they are the best deodorant for men because “real men” use Old Spice. Their ads show very muscular men talking to the audience and exclaiming their manliness to the world by using the best deodorant in the world, Old Spice. They have bright red containers for their deodorant that stand out on the shelf which is a great marketing technique. All in all you can see all the different types of deodorants and scents you can use to remove bad odors from your body.