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My Back Pain Problem – Is Recliner chair a solution for it?

Posted on April 15, 2017 in Health

You may, or may not, have noticed that I haven’t posted to this blog in quite a while. The reason for this is that I have been suffering from a severe case of stinking thinking. What the hell is stinking thinking you may ask?

Well it is my definition of what happens when everything gets the better of you and negative thinking takes over. If you can give me a few minutes I will explain why I think it happened and what I had to do to overcome it. I sincerely hope that this article strikes a chord with anyone experiencing this sort of thing and helps to bring them up out of the dumps.

When I look back there had been a quite a number of things contributing to my case of stinking thinking, but the catalyst to all of this came when the transmission in my wife’s Camry decided to take an early retirement. Being an ex-motor mechanic and having a spare parts car with a good transmission at our disposal (and not having enough money to pay someone to change it!) meant that it was up to me to get back on the road again.

Things went well in the early stages, getting the stuffed transmission out was not all that difficult but getting the other one in was a completely different matter. Previously (before my back injury) I had an apprentice, a hoist and a very handy transmission jack that made the job of replacing transmissions a walk in the park. This time I had myself, a dodgy old trolley jack and whatever help I could muster from our household when needed.

After three attempts at getting the transmission into position I gave up. Very quickly I started to remember why I couldn’t do mechanical work any more. The muscles across my shoulders were screaming at me, just above my tailbone the painful, burning sensation was getting too much to handle and the waves of what I think is nerve pain shooting down my right leg were uncomfortable to say the least. In this article I will be discussing about different types of back pain and the common reasons that causes back pain. The back pain cause by office chairs are very common and can be easily treated. You need to just buy a best quality recliner chairs that will certainly help in reducing the back pain, if your office chair was the cause of your back pain. Let’s discuss the types of back pain.

Types Of Back Pain

back pain problemThe first way that back pain, and pain in general, is categorized is with the length of time that it is present.

  • Acute Back Pain or short-term pain lasts from a few days to a few weeks and is usually the result of a trauma or injury to the spine or surrounding tissues and is typically easy to diagnose and treat. Acute Back Pain symptoms that are left untreated have the potential to become more severe – I found this out the hard way five years ago and it ended up costing me my career, my business and a decent lifestyle. Dont be a goose like me, take all back pain very seriously, even if it is only a slight niggle!
  • Chronic Back Pain is characterized by pain that lasts for more than three months. Chronic pain is often progressive and many different trigger areas can be involved which can make diagnosing and treating this type of back pain quite complicated. Chronic back pain is typically described by sufferers as a deep, dull and aching type pain that is felt mostly in the lower back area and in some cases down either or both legs. Chronic back pain can be caused by an old injury that has since healed or an ongoing condition such as arthritis or nerve damage but in many instances the underlying cause is never discovered.

Back Pain can be further categorized by the location of the pain.

  1. The Cervical Region – Pain in the Cervical region affects the neck. Common causes of pain in this area are whiplash injuries and conditions that develop from the aging process, such as osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease.
  2. The Thoracic Region Thoracic back pain occurs in the upper-middle section of the back. Because there is not a lot of weight being carried at this level thoracic back pain is typically not caused by disc problems. The most likely cause of pain in this area is poor posture over a lengthy period of time or continued strenuous activities such as heavy lifting. Chest pain is often a symptom of thoracic back pain as the vertebrae in this area are also attached to the rib cage. For this reason it is vital to get an accurate diagnosis before putting it all down to back pain.
  3. The Lumbar Region – A large percentage of all back pain comes from the lower or Lumbar region of the spine. There is a whole host of possible causes for feeling pain in this area, a prolapsed or bulging disc that can lead to the Sciatic nerve becoming irritated is one very common cause. Typically an x-ray or MRI scan will be called for when experiencing pain in this area and it is important to examine any structural defects in the spine before starting any type of treatment.
  4. The Sacral And Coccygeal Region – Although the bones of the Sacral and Coccygeal region are not structured like the vertebrae and joints of the rest of the spine they can still be a source of pain. The sacrum bone makes up the back part of the pelvis and it is connected, via the Sacroiliac Joints, to the Iliac Bones of the pelvis. Pain in this area is often referred to as Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and is more common in women than men. Pain in the Coccygeal region, or coccyx, at the very bottom of the spine is referred to as Coccydynia and this is also more prevalent in women than it is in men.

Common Reasons for back pain

Back muscle strains are said to be the cause of around 85% of back pain cases. What is interesting about this line of thought is that these strains and/or ligament sprains can be the cause of a great deal of referred pain and muscle imbalances that can affect the spine if not treated correctly and in a timely manner.

lower back painFor example a muscle strain that is left untreated and the muscle still used in the daily routine can result in, among other things, a titled pelvis which can lead to a lot of lower back pain and in the worst case scenario, a herniated disk. What started out as a minor niggle can lead to much worse things and according to a number of therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists this is the most common cause of back pain in todays society.

To quote a case from Steve Lockharts Bad Back Book, a thirteen year old girl here in Australia had a fall down some stairs when she was six years old and after being checked out by a doctor she was found to only have muscle pain but no structural damage. Now at the age of thirteen she came to Steve for treatment of constant tiredness and muscle fatigue and it was found that her right leg was almost two inches shorted than her left leg and she had developed a scoliosis or curve in her spine. Steve believes that all of this was caused by tight muscles brought on by the fall and the seven years of growing that she did while this condition persisted. Interesting food for thought?

In my somewhat uneducated opinion this is where all of my problems started. As a motor mechanic it was almost considered to be normal to have a sore back after a days work and had I addressed this at the time instead of working for ten years like this I dont think I would be facing the issues that I am now. What a dufus!

Reason Number Two Herniated Disk or Bulging Disk

A herniated or bulging disk is the most common structural problem that causes back pain and the majority of back surgeries are carried out because of a herniated or bulging disk. The causes of this are thought to be either wear and tear over a period of time, a severe strain or a traumatic injury to the spine.

This condition is often accompanied by sciatic nerve pinching, rubbing or entrapment which results in sharp, shooting pain in the lower back, buttocks and legs otherwise known as Sciatica. This condition is caused by a bulging or herniated disk narrowing the hollow that the spinal cord passes through at the L4/L5 level. Irritation of the nerves occurs and if the outside or annulus of the disk has ruptured it is also possible for the fluid from inside the disk to irritate the nerves and cause discomfort.

Although in theory having surgery to correct a herniated or bulging disk seems to be the obvious choice, the success rate of these surgeries is reported to be around 75-85% and many therapists and doctors alike look at this kind of surgery as a last resort measure.

Once again many therapists see muscle imbalances as the root cause of a herniated or bulging disk. The thinking behind this is that through the muscle imbalances the disk is subjected to stresses and pressure that it wasnt designed to handle. By successfully treating the imbalances the pressure can be relieved from the disk and it is given a chance to heal without the need for surgery.

Also related to the disks between the vertebrae is Discogenic Back Pain. This condition is thought to be responsible for quite a large number of back pain cases and is the result of damage to the intervertabral disk without actual herniation occurring. Diagnosis of this condition may require the use of a discogram.

Reason Number Three Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is also related to the disks and vertebrae that make up the spine, only this is a degenerative condition that causes deterioration of the vertebrae and disks and often results in the body producing small bony growths on the vertebrae to compensate for this wear and tear. This condition can also affect the disks between the vertebrae  which reduces the cushioning effect of the disk and when combined with the bone spurs can lead to considerable back pain and stiffness.

The pain from Osteoarthritis can subside over time as the body adjusts to these new bone growths, however the stiffness of the back associated with this condition often continues because of reduced range of movement between the vertebrae. Because of the wear and tear nature of Osteoarthritis it is not easily treated, however supplements such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Neurontin have been shown to help slow down the deterioration of cartilage, relieve joint pain and improve mobility.

Reason Number Four Osteoporosis

This condition is mainly associated with age and it is the result of decreased levels of calcium in the bones resulting in a lower bone density and porous and brittle bones.

Carrying out daily tasks when you have Osteoporosis can bring on back pain by the fracturing of the front part of the weakened bones. Likewise a fall can have the same effect and these fractures are known as compression fractures.

Reason Number Five Fibromyalgia

One of the most common and hard to treat conditions is Fibromyalgia. This condition is usually chronic and symptoms include fatigue and widespread pain in muscles, tendons and ligaments and increased pain in response to applied pressure. There are specific points on the body that are used to diagnose Fibromyalgia and tenderness or pain in at least eleven of these eighteen areas usually indicates the onset of Fibromyalgia.

The diagnosis and treatment of Fibromyalgia is still not a perfect science although there are a number of alternative treatments and medications that are reported to be helping people suffering from this condition.

Reason Number Six Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis occurs when the disk or disks dry out and degenerates causing the hollow where the nerve exits from the spine to become narrow which places the nerve at a greater risk of being irritated. Aging is the main cause of Spinal Stenosis, however a herniated disk can also contribute to this condition, as can osteoporosis or a tumor.

Surgery can be an option although the success rate has been documented as quite low. Steroid epidural injections are often used to ease the pain of someone suffering from Spinal Stenosis and there is also a number of therapists that believe a combination of gentle exercise, a healthy diet and massage can be of use.

Reason Number Seven Scoliosis and Scheuermanns Disease

Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine resulting from stress in the surrounding muscles and nerves. This condition can be treated by a good massage therapist and by doing exercises that restore the strength to the failing muscles, although it can take some time and chronic aching pain is often endured until the condition is brought under control.

Scheuermanns Disease is a hereditary disease that produces progressive rounding of the back and this condition can be treated in a similar way to Scoliosis.

Reason Number Eight Spondylolysis

This condition comes about either from being born with or developing it through injury and it relates to defective vertebral arches. Thankfully this condition is present in only 3 to 7 percent of the population and it is usually the fifth lumbar vertebrae that is involved. This condition also creates the necessary conditions for one vertebrae to slip forward in relation to the one below it and once this has occurred the condition is then known as Spondylolisthesis.

Once again treatment by way of restoring and maintaining the strength of the back muscles can greatly impact on how much this condition affects daily life.

So there you have it, my quick run down on what the most common back pain conditions are, according to the research that I have done over the last few years. I hope that you have found this article useful and in the next installment we are going to go over some handy tips on how to deal with back pain.

Recliner chairs and it’s benefits

If you are someone who suffers from any kind of back pain, a recliner chair could be the answer to your problems. Reclining chairs are good because they let you get your feet up and lie back for a rest. Good posture is essential in avoiding the distressing pain or discomfort caused by back problems or arthritis, so our rising and reclining chairs can ensure you are correctly supported along all points of your body. For those who suffer from poor circulation, you know the discomfort of swollen joints and heavy feet. Back pain can prevent sleep and greatly limit mobility in sufferers.

  • You can also get yourself comfortable in different positions for different things, such as reading or watching TV.
  • By adjusting the movable back and leg rest, you will be able to find just the right sitting or reclining position for you, allowing you to temporarily enjoy some blissful relief from the misery of back ache, aching joints and arthritic pain.
  • Especially if you have a job where you are standing or even sitting for long periods of time, your body is suffering from the effects of gravity on your blood flow.
  • A recliner chair can offer many benefits to those affected by back pain.
  • If you’re sitting down for long periods of time, a recliner is also useful because you can easily keep changing your position, which stops you from getting uncomfortable and sore.
  • Recliner chairs are extremely comfortable and some in a wide variety of styles and designs.

Over time, the blood that settles in your lower legs, ankles and feet will cause the feet and legs to swell and can even clog veins. The main one is extra support. For some medical problems affecting the legs, it helps to be able to lift your legs up when sitting. They also come equipped with various features and functions that prove to be extremely beneficial for the user. Avoid swollen feet and even eventual surgery by relaxing in the recliner as much as possible when you’re away from work. The chairs can easily and automatically be adjusted to the optimal position for any individual, providing immediate relief from pain. Reclining back just a few degrees starts to take pressure from my lower back allowing my lumbar back muscles to begin relaxation. One can easily get one that can beautifully match the décor of their home. Adjustable Reclining Tension is a great feature.

Recliner chairs for elderly
recliner chairs in UK for elderlyThere are different styles and makes and models of mobility chair, ranging from manually operated reclining chairs through to very luxurious chairs that offer many features such as leather upholstery, additional pockets and heat and massage units. Plus, as I take pressure from my lower back, reclining increases my circulatory needs in my legs and lower body. Here, in this article, we are discussing the various benefits of having a recliner chair. We know everyone comes in different sizes and strengths, so La-Z-Boy has 2 wing nuts on the bottom of the chair that can easily be adjusted to modify the backrest tension. Mobility chairs are available in various colours of upholstery, and so you should be able to find a colour that fits in with your existing decor.

But most important, raising my feet slightly above my head in a fully reclined position relaxes my heart muscle. Read down to know more. This allows you to increase or decrease the amount of effort it takes to recline the back of the chair, providing customised comfort. Leather or leather-look upholstery can be kept clean easier than other upholstery, and might be more appropriate. People with back problems and swollen legs particularly benefit from using electric recliner chairs, but they can also help to alleviate a range of other symptoms and conditions.

Recliner chairs for pregnant women
pregnancy pillows UKDuring pregnancy women face back pain and other body pain. These pain become severe during the last trimester and they also find difficult to sleep during night. A recliner chair is very helpful for those women as they will feel relaxed and comfortable. Some pregnant women use good pregnancy pillows along with the recliner chair to great effect. Once you are positioned comfortable the quiet motors in the chair will return the user to a relaxing sitting position. Made-to-measure riser recliner chairs can be built to fit the exact dimensions of your body, ensuring the most comfortable position for you at all times. Some models of rise and recline chairs come with matching settees or other furniture so that your front room furniture matches. Seats like these help to distribute your weight evenly so that there is no pressure on joints or muscles. The recliner function can then be used to get your body into the most comfortable position.

For example, the ideal chair should allow you to sit with your feet flat on the floor, thighs level, with legs at a 90 degree angle. Poor circulation can lead to swollen joints and a host of other health issues. The ability to move positions helps to avoid sores for those who are likely to remain seated for some time, and facilitates healthy blood circulation, leading to better digestion and temperature regulation, and even lowering the risk of heart problems and stroke. The back will recline and the foot rest will gently lift your feet if required. Arm rests should support your arms below the elbow comfortably, with supportive but soft cushions.

Recliner chairs Improve blood circulation
If your job requires you to sit or stand for long periods of time, you’re more likely to develop circulation issues. In other words, the effort of sitting down is gone. Everything is operated by an easy to use remote control, meaning you can use the chair independently. These factors can be important in ensuring your chair is comfortable for you to sit and relax in, and made-to-measure riser recliners guarantee you’ll have the right size for you. Recliners improve circulation by lifting your legs, allowing blood to move freely throughout the body.

The same applies to standing up. Age and several other physical conditions tend to make moving around difficult for several people. Bearing a child inside your body is one of the most wonderful milestone a woman can experience but it can cause major discomfort. Cycloidal Vibration is a revolutionary treatment used to boost circulation and heal the body. Your leather recliner chair adapts to your needs.

best recliners 2017Getting up, sitting down, or having to sit in one place for long hours are all issues for those who may suffer from conditions such as arthritis, or have paralysis. A pregnant woman can get tight fingers, aching joints, swollen ankles and sometimes uncomfortable feeling in the rib area due to the growing child inside their womb. Using this therapy combined with an electric reclining chair will help you remain comfortable as you lower your musculoskeletal pain, increase your flexibility, decrease your swelling, and heighten your blood flow. You don’t have to feel tense every time you try to perform these basic moves. In fact, these are also issues for women who are pregnant, as a lot of pressure is put on the spinal cord when they have to sit and get up.

Having a recliner chair or recliner sofa in their living room can ease the pain as the lady can relax in a more comfortable position. This will keep you feeling better without the need for invasive procedures. Recliners also allow you to lie comfortably on your back and lift your legs up. The seat and arms are flexible. Controlling them enables you to find a comfortable position at any given time.

Buying a recliner chairs

Recliners are just about everyone’s favorite type of chair because they are well cushioned and they rotate back into a position that is relaxing and comfortable. Many people spend a lot of time searching, but you can cut down on your time since I have compiled a detailed buying guide as well as in-depth reviews of the best recliners for back pain on the market.​To help you save time in selecting the right recliner with the best price, I did my own research and surveys for the purpose of providing you with the following shortlists of the best recliners 2016 – 2017 under different price segments. Narrow down your search by determining what style you’re looking for, to make sure the recliner matches the room. There are specialty chairs, such as massage and electric recliners. On traditional recliners, the back of the armchair lays down as the footrest raises up.

  • This Lucas recliner is the most sophisticated yet with its beautiful, glossy leather.
  • Is it modern or traditional?
  • The former can be quite expensive (from $800 to $5,000), and the latter are designed for people with mobility issues.
  • The chairs are adjustable and can recline a little, or all the way back if the person wants to fully recline.
  • It’s extra-large, but still fits into some pretty tight spaces due to its streamlined design.
  • There are recliners to suit every decorating theme, so there’s no need to put grandpa’s recliner in your ultra-cool den.

Types of recliner chairs in UK
riser recliner chairs UKRegardless of what type you choose, check that there’s no more than a five-inch gap between the seat and the open leg rest; otherwise, children or pets can get caught and injured. In the beginning, the chair was considered bulky and unfashionable, and they were mostly used by men to the dismay of their wives. One of our favorite things about this chair is how simple it is to assemble. The comfort of a recliner is directly associated to the user’s measurements and weight, so if your legs are too short, you won’t be able to touch the floor, making the recliner hard to use and quite uncomfortable.

Same goes for the lever — make sure tiny hands (or your own fingers) can’t get stuck inside or pinched. Various reclining chairs come with different features. It should only take about 10 minutes to put together and be ready for use. Leather (Hide): Our leather collection is offered in a wide selection of qualities, colours and finishes. If you need a riser recliner chair because of a medical condition or to help you live independently at home (ie you couldn’t cope without one), you may be eligible to get one through your local authority.

Riser recliner chairs

A basic recliner features a reclining action and a footstool. Although it may have some wrinkles and a straying flap on the backside, its ability to fit close to the wall makes this an easy problem to fix. As leather is a natural material its worth remembering to expect certain natural characteristics in the finish of your furniture. Measure both the size of your space and the recliner itself. A luxury recliner may feature a built-in massager, rise to help you get up out of the chair, and sometimes even self-heating.

Another downside is that it’s not especially comfortable for taller buyers. No two hides are exact, so it is important to realise that neck wrinkles, scars, insect bites, veins and growth lines are not faults but are features that enhance the natural beauty of your sofa or chair, and will improve with age. Check out our measuring buying guide below for tips on worry free furniture delivery! For example, a luxury La-Z-Boy recliner might have all of these features. While reclined, a person’s head may lose support.

Leather recliner chairs

Leather recliner chairLeather does stretch and crease in its own individual way, particularly in the first few weeks of use, so creasing on the cushion tops can be expected. Make sure you measure the recliner while fully reclined You’ll need anywhere between 1 foot to 3 feet of space from the wall. Napoli recliners often feature massagers, while Upholstery Project recliners have heated backs, massaging, and even remote control swivel depending on the model. Still, this recliner is a great cross between comfort and class. Hippies often have 90 degree restrictions imposed upon them for a few weeks post-op and so doctors and PTs (physios) tend to frown upon them in the mistaken impression that they are like sofas and will require breaking the rule in order to get to one’s feet.

It varies, so ask your salesperson. Choose the features you want based on your preferences and budget for a recliner. The next thing to consider is where your riser recliner is going to go in your room, bearing in mind that the standard chair needs to be positioned away from the wall. There are ways round that. The two-position recliner has, you guessed it, two positions: upright or reclining fully.

Rocker recliner chair
Maybe even more importantly, a good recliner can provide excellent neck and lumbar support, making it a comfortable chair for people with medical conditions. If you opt for a dual motor chair, meaning your chair can recline fully, you will need to account for at least a 2 foot gap between the wall and the chair. Knee patients are also often told that it will be difficult to get up and sit down but I would argue with that. With this recliner, you must release the footrest to recline completely. Recliners can rock, recline, swivel, massage, and lift — or simply look fabulous while also providing the most comfortable seat in the house.

I used this recliner sofa for my recovery and had no problems at all. They are cheaper than other styles but are limited in colors, fabrics and styles. When it comes to recliners one size does not fit all, but you can easily find one that fits your individual needs. I did add an extra cushion to make the the seat a little higher but it wasn’t by much. This recliner is best placed where it will have plenty of room to recline without knocking into something.